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Clan double xp info requested...


Hey all, I was wondering if anyone new info about the clan tags & double xp? I mainly want to know,if I only get the regular edition game without elite will I still be able to take advantage of and get the special double xp & tags if I am in a clan that has it?

  • Clan double xp info requested...

    There´s little on the topic so far... What is known is: Elite subscribers will contribute more to the clan XP. All members of the clan, Elite subscribers or not, will be entitled double XP when the clan is awarded the boost.

    As for the clan tags, since through Elite you  will only be able to join a clan by invitation, simply adding the tag in-game is not enough for you to be part of i Meaning, the tags means nothing when it comes to earning clan XP and/or receiving any clan rewards.