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Grey Alien Clan looking for casual & serious players for PS3...


If you are interested in a more laid back clan environment without all the contests and whatever other fancy requirements... Like if you just want to be playing TDM or private matches for fun...than hit me up here or visit my free webs.com site below. You do not have to be a top shot player to join (hell I am not) but I do request you have a little skill because I don't really want to see mates get less than 5 kills a match if possible. I like vocal players that help out the team that is playing. Yes! I really want you to say stuff like "hey dude1..look out sniper far corner to your left!". It is nice to have good team work. If you are the type that does not ever respond to your clan mates when being paged or invited than please do not bother asking to join.


So if your interested, all I want you to really do is be on and play with other clan mates as much as possible and join the site. Also I have made a Grey Alien Clan group on Elite...hit that up too. As of now I only have non members that I play with and this is my first attempt at recruiting so do not expect to have a large clan to play with at the start. Anyways,enough talking here and more pew pew!

As Paul would say...

Grey Gamer Society


The site is not the best looking and I have not yet gone premium so there are ads but if you want to join than please register. It is an alternative way to stay informed with clan mates and stuff.