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IW I'm begging you


we all know you broght back quick scoping but please get rid of it. honeslty its gonna kill mw3 within the 1st 3 weeks. its the most unrealistic and unbalanced thing ever. im happy with what 3arc did to the QS but you need to step up your game. idc what the whiney 12 year old ******* have to say, you need to get rid of it and never bring it back. cod4 was a great game but every match everyone is QS. i rarley get killed by an smg/ assult rifle. PLEASE IW AND SLEDGEHAMMER, IT HAS TO GO.

  • IW I'm begging you

    Quickscopers are a good thing, you can just rack up the kills on them if they are awful, only downside, is if they are on your team for like Search and Destroy or TDM, which isn't a problem for me since I play Domination, and I don't mind having awful people on my team as long as they go for the objective.

  • IW I'm begging you

    id be happy if they made it the way it is in black ops

  • IW I'm begging you

    As opposed to being killed in three bullets across map by an smg? or being noobtubed relentlessly in every other game? or the massive knife lunge that commando gave you?


    The little kids that think they are Grizz are the only remotely annoying part to people in your position, snipers like me who quickscope but play the objective and rarely lose aren't the problem, I find it funny how you are posting on here with 30 days until the games release demanding quickscoping being removed. It won't be, you should just get over the fact quickscoping will be in the game and play around it.


    I play all kinds of games FFA, Search, Demo, Domo, more than 90% of the time win, 100% of the time quickscope, if i can do that sniping you need to step your game up. I can post ridiculous scores with a fully auto or even a semi-auto, against all of the 'quickscopers' you complain about. So it's not the quickscopers fault you think the games broken, you need to either step your game up or play with a different style.


    I snipe because using a regular gun is way too easy, and when I beat people like you with a sniper it just feels that so much better because not only did I win, I won using a single shot bolt action gun.

  • IW I'm begging you

    Yes and while there at it,, take out the F'''king heartbeat sensor!! WHY is it back? no one hardly uses it and ppl that do are camping till they see a red dot on the device... like seriously how is that fun for them...

  • IW I'm begging you

         God what is it with people and quickscoping... Am I the only one who actually watches the kill cam if I get quickscoped I honestly think its pretty cool. Plus as other people have said if they suck easy kills for you or your team. I sometimes try to quickscope in MW2 but I suck at it so im feeding the other team or person kills which doesnt seem to be a problem, its only when someone is good which is sometimes and you keep getting killed you rage and quit and say its OP. My advice is get over it or get good at quickscoping because they are not going to take it out anytime soon.