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Thank you IW


I want to say thanks to Infinity Ward for keeping our interest of Modern Warfare series.

The game will be awesome. I have played BF already, and it sucks!

So I can't wait to see the end, or to be amoung Soap and Price story. Thank you so much. Can't wait)


If someone wanna say smth to IW - do it here)

  • Thank you IW

    bf3 sucks that is true,but that is also bad since cod now has no competition and they can do what ever they want

  • Thank you IW

    I won't say BF3 sucks but that its just wasn't my taste.  I liked the story for Both BF:Bad Company games.

  • Thank you IW

    The BF beta isn't too good, but I'll withhold final judgment until release day.  Plus, we've seen very little of the BF campaign, which is what I'm waiting for more than the MP (which I've never been a huge fan of).


    It's the same thing I say to people who say MW3 will suck based on what they saw or heard about the games played at the Los Angeles event.

  • Thank you IW

    True spoken


    thanks to IW from me too for giving me loads of hours of fun in the mp parts of the mw games. Sure there is anytime a thing to complain at what they should have been make better or different but at the end to me cod mw is my absolute fav shooter.


    On every other game im sure i would have quit playing with all those campers, kids, quickscopers, noobtubers much earlier than in cod because i just love the gameplay the graphics and the weapons and maps in it.


    they made a very good work (a perfect work isnt existing at all in my opinion) and i hope we will see a lot more from those guys.

  • Re: Thank you IW

    I'm gonna thanking IW for improving the interest in the Modern Warfare series (I played WaW & BO only for Zombies) as they are the best CoD multiplayer games ever made.

    I play CoD MP since I first played CoD4 with a friend who bought it on Day One and on my fist FFA game, I had a 25-0 score, that made me so happy that I kept on playing, I bought the game (I was on PS3) and played it daily for about 6h a day.

    Bought MW2 and had a seriously great experience on it, I still do ! But now I play a lot on tactics, even if I play alone, I love to fire Stinger missiles at enemy air support or recon, helping the team and earning points for that

    I think I'm gonna love the Support killstreak class in MW3 Obviously, in addition to this class I'll basically use EMP grenades in order to destroy enemy's decoy and turrets as well as claymores and bouncing bettys.

    I watched the CoD XP speeches and read a lot about the MP game on MW3 and I can say I'm a lot excited about it, more than I was with MW2 as I bought the regular version of the game.

    But for MW3, I pre-ordered the Hardened Edition as I want to build up a serious but yet funny team since the very 1st Modern Warfare but never found anyone who would seriously get involved in the team as I'd like it to be recognized and skillful, CoD Elite brings us that as we can follow all the MP games we played as a team together, see our evolving and getting a complete and detailed following on anything that's done with the team.

    So thank you IW for bringing me the most exciting MP franchise I've ever played. But honestly, I love BF3, I'm gonna play it on PC. But I've always been and always will be a Xbox player so I'll keep on playing the CoD franchise on Xbox 360 and future ones

    Oh and I wanna give you a particular thank listening to me about the Scavanger perk I was the first to talk about on the MW2 forums way before the game is released, I'm happy you guys (and all the people who supported this idea, meaning a lot !) modified my idea and made it you getting grenades, missiles, claymores, secondary grenades, semtex and even noob tube ammos to make it fit perfectly with the nervous gameplay ! It was supposed to be a perk that would give the player ammos from a dead enemy directly after you killed him, no need to run on a blue bag but it would've increase the number of campers... so you were perfectly right adapting the perk to the gameplay

    EDIT : ANYONE saying this post is spam, I'm gonna get your head(s) on a spike towards the battlefield, no matter what it coasts