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(Xbox and PS3) Join RGC! | Renengade Gaming Community

Hey guys, I've been in RGC a couple of months now and it's just great.


There's a ton of people in it and there's something for everyone!


-If you like just doing pubs, you can play with people in your battalion. (Everyone is in a battalion to make more closely knit friends, but you can play with whoever you want!)


-If you like competitive gaming, you can try out for the Rangers or the Renegades. (I did this and it's a LOT of fun!!)


-If you like posting in the forums, there's always tons of stuff to talk about.


-There's podcasts, a graphics and designs team to make you signatures and logos. (The design team is also a lot of fun! Grab Photoshop or GIMP and make some sigs!)


-There's even a Machinima group that makes videos!


And best of all:


The community keeps getting bigger!!


If you want to be in a fun or serious clan, this is the place for you.






Go to http://www.renegadegaming.com/forum/index.php?referrerid=14623


and click register on the bottom left corner.  It's pretty simple from there forth, BUT THERE'S ONE VERY IMPORTANT THING!!


Make sure is says "RGC Wundabred" in the referrer's box. It helps me out a little bit- gives me some recognition. And you can always change your username later, too.


Anyways, after that:


Join the RGC Revolution Usergroup and then send me a message on the forums (RGC Wundabred) or on XBL (RGC WunDaBreD) and I'll help you understand everything you don't already!


I'll explain a little right now. Revolution is a section of RGC if you will, called a Battalion. There are several Battalions and inside Revolution there's two Platoons (Bugaboo and Legendary) which are subdivisions of the Battalion Revolution.  We're trying to expand our Battalion by getting more people to join RGC. The more the better!!


I look forward to seeing you all sign up!!


RGC Rising,