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alright call of duty 4- gaz... shot in the head right... k whatever may have happened.... that mofo lived and had to get whatever done to him so he could recover... well he went to the mall or something found a bad ass ski mask and decided to wear... in his defence if i had a big ass whole in my head i wouldnt exactly be flaunting it... soo gaz is ghost in mw2....now gaz=ghost.... well he was shot yet again but in left shoulder, only roach was douced in gasoline and burned... the sniper team that was watching over you when u met shepperd was said to have left.BUT only for 30 seconds apperantly well when shpperd burn roach and ghost the team showed up got ghost OH... and at the beggining of one of the missions he said something about fire proof vest...k so that was aconveniant roach is dead GHOST WILL BE BACK IN MW3 ....possably as an enemy... im convinsed the silhouette of a man that you see in the reveal trailer with the whole "starts with the will of a single man" well that single man is ghost.     anyone got a rebutle or argument