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Specialist Strike Package a rip off of Black Ops?

Anyone who's played Black Ops (which I know most of you have) have experienced the reward for completing an easter egg in one of the zombies maps after Shangri-La - all 7(8 in Moon) Perks for that level until the game ends.


In MW3, we have the Strike Package which rewards us with perks instead of killing machines for killstreaks. At an 8 killstreak you will have every single perk in the game.


Both games have a system where the player receives multiple perks for completing an action, but Black Ops was released first. Have IW stolen this idea from 3arc and slapped it onto MP? (A freakin AWESOME idea, can't see why 3arc didn't do it in the first place)


I'm not trying to demean IW or anything, but I seriously don't believe this is coincidence. Sure, the Strike Package sounds as beast as the Golden AK-47 from CoD4, but where did it originate from? Ideas?