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  • 30. Strong Language in MW3

    it was for the idiots up top saying they have kids and that they want a filter so there kids can play it etc.

  • 31. Strong Language in MW3

    mr,grim wrote:


    it is a M rated game if you cant handle a couple cuss words then you shouldnt play it yourself. let alone buy the game for your 8-12 year old whos sitting at home watching people get shot, and blown the **** up. YEAH real smart to buy your kid these kinds of video games.  For us who are able to buy these games LEGALLY. We are adults the language used in these games ARE FOR US and you cant handle the word **** because it makes you cry then you shouldnt play it.  ITs a violent game, and it is a part of our freedom of speech. you cant **** with that. So parents why not get off your lazy ******* asses and teach your kids whats right and wrong instead of a video game or tv seriously.  Also if your playing the game and your kid comes home or there is a little kid around THEN TURN IT OFF!!! be a parent you lazy bastards.


    Not a lot mature in your post there... just sayin'.

  • 32. Strong Language in MW3

    If they did include a language filter would be a smart move.


    I know I said in a previous post that it's still up the parents to choose whether or not they want a kid playing an M-rated game, HOWEVER, I looked at it from a business standpoint. From what I've seen it's usually the language that parents frown upon more in a game. If the filter was added, and parents knew about it beforehand, then that could result in parents still buying the games for their kids, ie more money for the game developers.


    Microsoft did the same thing by adding "family settings" to Live and the 360. Sure they can be overridden by the kid, but at least parents won't deny their child gaming because they have some peace of mind with parental controls.

  • 33. Strong Language in MW3

    LMAO did you know MW3 is a 18+ game so if you are under the age then dont buy the game.its 18+ for a reason child

  • 34. Strong Language in MW3

    The 17+ "M" rating is only a guideline to help the parent decide what is right for their child.

    IMO, if a parent thinks their kid is "grown up" enough to handle the "F" word, then the kid should get the clear to play the game.

  • 35. Strong Language in MW3

    yes there is, I saw spike tv last night and there were a lot of beeps during the campaign gameplay

  • 36. Re: Strong Language in MW3

    Put it this way, the more swearing, the greater the chances that the little kids parents will overhear and hopefully confiscate the game from them meaning less little kids!

  • 37. Re: Strong Language in MW3

    It's a rated 18 game. If parents want to buy it for their kids then let them, who cares.

  • 38. Re: Strong Language in MW3

    What this guy said exactly:


    It's an 18/R rated game, if parents buy their kids the game (which they shouldn't) then thats their problem, you can't complain about it, it's ILLEGAL (at least in the UK to play an 18 when under that age)


    Buying such a game for a kid is just wrong, and immoral in my eyes, they aren't ready for such profain stuff TBH.

  • 39. Re: Strong Language in MW3

    In most countries it's not just a guideline, in the UK for example it is ILLEGAL, not only to let a child buy an 18, but also for them to play it. "maturity" doesn't come into it, until they are about 16, they WILL be immature as they don't have concept of most things, they just think it's "cool" to swear etc.

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