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Why are the Russians and Arabs always demonized in games/movies ?

Seriously, why ? I don't understand and it really saddens me, everytime I play a war game or watch a movie, it's always the Russians or the Arabs, ALWAYS ! Why no American, Canadian, Australian, Italian, French, Brazilian, Finnish or Norwegian terrorists for a change ?


Look at Call of Duty, except for the Nazi Zombies part, it's always them, the so called evil and ugly Russians and Arabs... easy to point the finger at them cause they are obviously easy targets in the medias.


It's like a breeze of racism, does anyone know if someone at Activision has political gains in this story ?


And it's not that I don't like CoD games, but it annoys me to always see the same people as the bad guys.



Please comment, don't be hateful, no racism PLEASE !

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