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MW3 3D

Does this game will support 3D like Black Ops? It would be great since this one will look better than Black Ops.

  • MW3 3D

    As long as you have a compatibale 3d tv and switch it to 3d mode when playing you should be fine.

  • MW3 3D

    Hi Rikanmel


    I hope MW3 will have 3D compatibility like Black Ops. Before i got my 3D tele, i stopped playing. But once I played in 3D i was hooked again.


    I have the 47" LG Cinema passive 3D tele and not once has it hurt my eyes. It does add to the CoD experience, especially with surround sound running as well.

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      Yeah dude, it's way too fun play in 3D and with the sony wireless 7.0 surround headset it's a blast!!!

      • MW3 3D

        I dont have a surround headset, I just crank up the volume of the surround sound and whack on the 3D glasses and immerse myself in the world of Duty. The 3D aspect of the game does help when judging distance on long range shots


        Hopefully MW3 will be 3D compatible.

  • MW3 3D

    Is this thread for bragging about your huge 3D televisions and superior surround sound home theaters, or whether or not MW3 will support a 3D mode?  Also, as far as I know, Black Ops didn't support 7.1 surround sound so.. Yeah, pretty sure MW3 won't either. With that said, all those 7.1 gaming headsets are a waste of money, kids.

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      55" Panasonic Plasma with 3D - specifically for playing BLOPS and/or MW3 .. I got aTurtle Beach Headset, good enough for meeeeeee .... I seen an 80" LED at the store, I wonder if you can get that at 240Hz and in 3D, going to find out tonight, if you can, I'm buying one .. MW3 would be awesome in 80" ... How's that for bragging ??