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How much would my Original Xbox be worth?


(Edit: I can't sell it now -- the ******* Video cord (yellow thingy) won't show the picture now.......it worked fine a few days ago....-sigh- I guess I'll need to find a way to get $90...possibly my guitars?)


I was wondering how much it would be worth? It was manufactured on September 9th 2004. & it has one controller (wireless) & 10 games. I'm planning on selling it to save up for Hardened Edition of MW3. The games are:


The Suffering:Ties that Bind


Enter the Matrix


Taito Legends


Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter


Mech Assault


First to Fight


Cabelas Outdoor Adventures


L.A. Rush


Goldeneye:Rogue Agent


And Amped 2 with Top Spin on 1 disk (It came with my Xbox).


How much do you think it would be worth?