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MW3 Clan Recruiting! {PS3} (ELiTE PLAYERS ONLY)

Hi There. Im Recruiting For My Clan . Follow The Following Rules.

  • Create A PSN Account Called TheMW3______ (You Choose Whatever Comes Next)
  • Then Add My Clan PSN (TheMW3Don) and My Main PSN (KaSaNoVa_Da_dOn)
  • Im Looking For The Following Types Of Players - Quickscopers - Rushers - Defense (As In Defending The Flag Or Base) And Close Range Gunners (Shotguns And Machine Pistols)
  • You Must Be Dedicated Players ( Play The Game At Least 5 Days A Week. And Atleast 5 hours each day)
  • Last But Not Least... Have Fun Playing The Game! :plus1:

​TheMW3Don. :)