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So, I'm yet to read anywhere if the Mountain Dew/Dorito DBL XP stuff goes towards PS3. They only offer prizes for XBOX, not PS3. Can anyone clarify if its for both systems?


Even the FAQS label out XBOX.

  • MTW Dew DBL XP

    When adding time its says to "gamer ID`s" and not "gamer tags" so iam guesing its for multi platform.

    • MTW Dew DBL XP



      • Go to the "My 2XP" tab in your Dashboard
      • Select the time to apply
      • Select gaming platform
      • Enter your Gamer ID, as Double XP time will be transferred to the Gamer ID you select.
      • If no Gamer ID has been entered during the promotion period, XP time will be forfeited.
      • You may apply up to 24 hours of Double XP per Gamer ID



      • MTW Dew DBL XP

        hmm. I suppose. Still seems weird they're only offering certain Xbox prizes. But then again why would they only offer this to Xbox. Highly unlikely.

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          Probably do to the fact that Microsoft has priority over MW3 for basically everything. The perfect example of this is COD EXP. The whole event was covered by xbox marketing. All the consoles were xboxs, theirs was only commercials for xbox. Though this isnt new, has been this way for the last 3 years. DLC and updates will probably follow the same.



          ------PLUS the majority of the hosts were from the xbl team. ie. Major Nelson.