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Pentition for COD - Star Wars Edition? (With Gameplay of the COD4 Star Wars Mod)

Here is a link to an interview with Robert Bowling talking about the Star Wars Mod for COD4 PC







Here is what they were talking about



GameSpy: Are we ever going to see mod support for Call of Duty again?

Robert Bowling: I hope so. It's a discussion that we're having now. It's something that we want to do. It's something that I loved in Call of Duty 4, especially the total conversion mods that people did.


GameSpy: Like the Star Wars Mod?

Robert Bowling: Yeah Galactic Warfare from the Black Monkey guys. I loved that stuff and it's something I want to see for Modern Warfare 3 so it's a possibility. Again it's one of those things that we can't start working on until the full game's finished, you know? But it's something that we want to do.



GameSpy: Last question, if you guys could get a movie license and make a Call of Duty out of it, what would be the ultimate one that you think Infinity Ward would like to do? Have you ever toyed with this idea?

Robert Bowling: No, we've never toyed with the idea officially. I mean there's always tons of stuff I would love to do. But no. You threw out the best example of Star Wars because I'm a Star Wars nerd. I would love to make a Star Wars game. That's why I loved Galactic Warfare mod so much, it's because it was everything I wanted, you know?



GameSpy: Did many of the IW guys play it?

Robert Bowling: Yeah. I think I probably play it the most out of anyone in the office, I've been playing the beta. Every time they release a new version I've been playing with those guys. I love those guys. So I probably play it more than anyone in the office but I've been getting more people on the bandwagon. I've been getting our producers and stuff on and checking it out.


GameSpy: So we might see Call of Duty Star Wars in the future? (laughs)

Robert Bowling: I think that's up to Lucas Arts!

So my question is, do you guys think that a COD star wars edition would be a good idea or a bad one?
Do you think Lucas Arts would team up with IW to make this game?
What are your thoughts on the subject because I for one would love to see a COD Star Wars edition (If you played the Mod on COD4, then you would know what I am talking about) and please, lets keep this civil. Thanks everyone for reading.

Also here are some gameplay footage of the COD Star Wars Mod




People who have signed the pentition,