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Search and Destroy Kill Confirmed Style.

Hey guys,


I will save some time and state this is a gametype I am proposing.  I've tried to ask fourzerotwo if it is possible to customize games to this level in MW3 but obviously haven't received a response.  What does everyone think of a mix of Search and Destory and Kill Confirmed? If you kill someone then they drop dog tags.  If you or a mate pick it up, then it counts towards your killstreak.  If an enemy picks it up, then their mate gets to spawn back in.  If nobody picks it up, then it just stays there and you get credit for the kill but it doesnt count towards your kill or pointstreak (with the exception of the game winning kill which will be confirmed by default).  You could still kill every member of the enemy team and not "confirm" any of the kills and win the round, only none of those kills (with the exception of the game winning kill) will count towards your killstreak. It may be best to play this in a 4 vs 4 team tact kind of setting, as 6 v 6 might be a little much.


Anyways, just my proposal.  I thought it would add a new level of teamwork to search.  Campers can still "help" the team by killing people, but won't be able to rack up killstreaks that they really didn't earn.  It also benefits people to work as a team rather than lone wolf it because denying a kill will grant a mate another life in that round.



  • Proposed new gametype for MW3?

    i think this will be a great mixture if they install.....definatly promotes teamwork to the S&D arena which is very very needed.  I like that it will promote teamwork among players that aren't playing in a group of 3 or more.

  • Proposed new gametype for MW3?

    I think that they will eventually get to a point where they do stuff like this. If all goes well with the Kill confirmed gametype then I could see them adding more versions of kill confirmed. Even making it a new genre, like Core, and Hardcore but just kill confirmed style.