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Why don't they have multiteam games (multi teams of 2)?

There are plenty of times where I log on and there is only 1 other person on that I actually enjoy playing with.  It would be really nice if COD would introduce multiteam game types.  Maybe something like multiteam TDM.  4 or 5 teams of 2, race to 3000 points.  Or even multiteam Sabotage.  Could you imagine 4 teams of 2 all racing to a single bomb to plant it at one of a few bomb sites?  Even design a few game types that are only applicable to teams of 2 - say a priority target type game.  Maybe one of you carries a flag.  When carrying the flag you show up on radar with a 2 second delay for all the other teams (but your friend doesn't).  You score points by holding on to the flag, say 1 point every 2 seconds.  Race to 50 points.  There are plenty of people that love to feel like themselves and one buddy can take on the world.  It is a real pain when you are forced to pick up randoms (even in team tact) to play in public lobbies when its just you and a friend.


It would be really nice to see COD break out of the one team vs another mentality.