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Prestige Shop details that have been confirmed by Robert Bowling via Twitter

@fourzerotwo When you unlock the Prestige Shop can you get everything in the Prestige shop or do you can you only get a few things from it?


@NWEenglish You earn Prestige Points, and each item costs a prestige point. You get 1 point per prestige, other ways to earn them also.



@fourzerotwo one question... say I've prestiged 13 times on Black Ops... I still only get 1 token right?


@darylmore Correct. 1 Token max per previous game. You can get one token per prestige in #MW3 though.



@fourzerotwo So if you unlock a piece of gear, that gear will only last you that prestige round? Custom create-a-class is still permanent?


@Reiske Both are permanent. So you unlock that gear for all future prestiges, same with extra custom class slots.



@fourzerotwo when you say "one item in custom class" for gear what is an item, a gun? and will its level or unlocks be brought through?


@ObnoxiousPower It can be a weapon, a piece of equipment, a perk. Any one item you want to be unlocked immediately.


@fourzerotwo Does that include camouflage or attachments?


@Ryder556 No, because you wouldn't have the gun for the attachment unlocked yet. You'd have to use it to unlock the gun you wanted it on.



@fourzerotwo really appriciate if you would reply: Will double weapon XP be for the whole prestige or limited time? You were vague about it.


@vXProdigyX Its a limited time of 2 hours. So you want to use that weapon as much as you can for 2 hours after unlocking it.