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a big issiue with this perk is that nobody knows how it really works, theres a few especulation are:

1.- the damage that you cause is what make the enemy show in the radar for you and your teammates-

a few problem with this, is that the only situasions when this is usefull, you eather die or get a hit marker acrros the map. eather way is usseles in a Free for all what have a litle worry


2.- any damage given (from you or your teammates, even other enemies in FFA) show the player only for you.

this may work, but is less team work involved this time, just for geting revange kills or for killing campers, but you need comunication to make this worthly, in FFA should make wonders!!!


does the targert remain painted for the rest of his current life, or only while regenerate their healt... does it gets to be an arrow like the black bird, or just a red dot. any anserf from the attender for COD XP would be nice, but it seems that al the people that went there were like :

"oooohhh shiny lets shot this, it looks like MW2 OMG!!!"

and never get a helpfull answer---


    What the..... I don't.....even....


    Not sure what you're trying to say for ur first speculation bullet but this is what i have gathered from the videos that I've seen. I assume that the Recon perk shows the enemy who was hit for both you and your team. This is shown in the following video:




    This is shown around 0:43 of the video. The video shows that the player is using Extreme Conditioning, Hardline, and Marksman. If you lwatch the minimap, you can see a red dot moving but there isn't a UAV or Advance UAV up. I am assuming that the red dot was caused from an ally using the Recon perk. I'm not sure about how long the perk last but it is shown that it does end after a certain amount of time. Hope this helps out with what you're trying to find out.