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Join SyCoxGamingx

Hello every one we are trying to gather members for SyCo x Gaming  this is for xbox 360. Message SyCo x Flash x or SyCo x Flare x we are the leaders. We have been a clan for about 4 months.  we have just created a website it will be much better once we have worked on in. for cool videos go to these youtube channels. Everybody in SyCo is buying MW3 so you have to buy it becasue that is all we are going to be playing.








Join callofduty.com/elite and get into our clan and get 2x xp for clan and other cool stuff these are all of our members that have changed there names


SyCo x Flare x

SyCo x Flash x

SyCo x ReBorn x

SyCo x Spike x

SyCo x Grizly x

SyCo x Unique x

SyCo x Snipez x

SyCo x Manaic x

SyCo x Wolf x

SyCo x TriGqaZ x

SyCo x NeXus x

SyCo x Savage x

SyCo x Create x

SyCo x ModzZ x

SyCo x ShockZ

SyCo x Funk x

SyCo x Speed x

SyCo x Insane x

SyCo x Rusher x

SyCo x Rage x

SyCo x Python x

SyCo x ReCoN x

SyCo x LeBron x

SyCo x HEAT x

SyCo x Jrod x

SyCo x Titan x

SyCo x GuIdO x

SyCo x Ghost x

SyCo x BeAr x

SyCo x Elite x

SyCo x SyCo x

SyCo x Addict x

SyCo x FuZe x


SyCo x Blaze x

SyCo x Hazard x

SyCo x JOKER x




Time To Go SyCo

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    This is cool, a SyCo clan who can play MLG, I am also a SyCo and have been since W@W we go by SyCo II, asin me SyCo II Wound, its good to see another clan doing mlg justice i hope you go to the top like we did time after time for many seasons. Goodluck to you all glad to see no1 in the clan has any names of people in mine