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Forgotten Treasure's- Video Game Edition v1?

Hello everyone and welcome to Forgotten Treasure's- Video Game Edition v1. Forgotten treasure's is a place where once a day I will post a random forgotten gem from the video game universe whether it is a console, game, handheld, etc. Once I post the forgotten gem then we can discuss it within this post and please keep it on-topic with the subject.




To start off this thread, I have decided to start with a game from the NES era. This game is called "Duck Tails". "Duck Tails" was released by Capcom in 1989 and is a side-scrolling action/adventure game in which you (Scrooge McDuck) travel the world in search of Treasure's in an attempt to be the richest Duck in the world. Here is some gameplay of "Duck Tails" (This is not my video and I choose it because of the HD 1080p)














I remember this game when I was a kid and the fun it brought to me and my friends. I would rather discuss this with everyone else and I hope you guys post so we can have a friendly discussion. Also does anyone know how to insert images on here because I cannot seem to figure it out. Thank you everyone for reading.