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VOPS Recruiting for MW3 on PS3

Do you want to be part of a new clan geared towards playing MW3 on PS3?


Fed up of the same old thing, day in, day out?


Then look no further: visit VOPS at vengefulops.forumotion.co.uk


We don't operate in the same way as most other clans. You can be yourself and play the way you like. You are not forced into combat training and you do not have to have a particular k/d ratio to become a member, although if you want to be more competitive we have teams already in action on Black Ops.


VOPS is all about having fun with a growing gaming community and we will have regular fun nights which will be videoed and put on our Youtube channel for all to see Smile


As VOPS is growing we now have teams for the various MW3 game modes and a Gamebattles team is already in place.


Either come over and join VOPS or add LadyHazard or zhoubaba on PSN to join us in some games.


VOPS now on twitter, Facebook (Ven Gefulops) and Youtube (www.youtube.com/user/VengefulOps)