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The Specialist Strike Package?

I have had some concerns when I first heard of the Specialist strike package because of the fact that you get all Perks along with it's pro's when you hit the 8th kill in a row but after watching that new trailer of the Strike packages, I have even more concerns with the Specialist Strike package now.



Here is the link to the video. start it at 2:20.








What got me even more concerned was the fact that they called people who were using Specialist strike packages "A Super Power" aka Super Soldier but yet you say that MW3 is balanced? I will still get MW3 as it is my choice of a FPS but after analyzing the Strike package's video, i feel that I have every right to be concerned as I called OP on the Specialist Strike Package as soon as the strike packages info got released a while ago. This is only my opinion on the matter but i would like to hear what everyone else has to say about the Specialist strike package. Please keep it civil and thank you for reading.