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Suggestion for map

As i was watching your trailers i gained an idea for a map for mw3.  If any person in infinity ward is read this please take note to this.  i have been playing call of duty since cod4 i played the earlier verisons to.  But i was not as good in them.  Well here is my suggestion althought 99% of the time you would not read this hey why not take the dam ******* 1% chance as an azn kid chances are in my favor compared to las vegas casino games.  Well a map that i wanted to suggest would be an airplane map.  A map in a air plane flying like the one you see the airforce one plane that was seen in the trailer as people were bobbling in the cabin.  The map would have kill streaks disabled and it would be an epic game, because who does not like a strong close quarter combat.  It would be yes very very hectic in a 6v6 situation but, combat/war in a plane would.  Well whoever read my rant thank you and please take my suggestion strongly.