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Does anyone else want the option not to join in progress games

So why must I join games that have already started?


I play at all times of night.  I have a lot of friends but not any clans, or teams that are always on when I am.  This means I play solo quite a bit.  I end up thrown into matches that are almost over, or where the other team is already destoying the one I joined into.  This destroys my chances of ever having a good w/l ratio.  I don't care that much, except I hate explaining it to people.  Yes my K/D is way better than my W/L.  But it is because of all these losing games I'm forced to join.  People assume I am in it for kills alone and that I quit games that threatan my K/D.  I am in it to win.  And I have pulled the plug out of frustration with being put in these, almost over, losing games repeatedly.


A lot of people pull the plug for their stats sake.  I think that it should keep everything even if you cut connection in game.  That will keep those 6.00+ cheated K/Ds out of the mix.  But to do so, I ask that they put an option in that allows you not to join games that are in progress.  I get ten losses to every 3 wins because I constantly get thrown into matches where the game is seconds from ending.  This is my most hated part of playing any online FPS.