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  • 60. The new Sitrep-Pro will RUIN SEARCH AND DESTROY!!

    why complain about something in a game that you have NEVER played before... until the game comes out no one knows what the over powered perks are going to be. COD XP was a showcase of mw3 and you watching all of the videos and reading perk lists and info off the internet doesn't tell you the game, only playing it will. Sorry but you are an idiot

  • 61. The new Sitrep-Pro will RUIN SEARCH AND DESTROY!!

    So...The problem is that you can't be silent completely, and that will ruin the SnD. SnD is a tactical game mode. You need to secure the area before you plant. If the enemy is sitting in a corner, your gun skills should take care of that lame-ass. Man, these people and not being able to take a legitimate death...

  • 62. The new Sitrep-Pro will RUIN SEARCH AND DESTROY!!

    Does Sitrep Pro in MW3 make yours and your teammates footsteps appear quieter to you like MW2? If not, this could be the drawback of using Sitrep because you will have less awareness as you move.

  • 63. The new Sitrep-Pro will RUIN SEARCH AND DESTROY!!

    It was actually 120...but hey, who's counting?

  • 64. The new Sitrep-Pro will RUIN SEARCH AND DESTROY!!

    Sound whoring is a very funny slang for those of you who are stupid enough not to wear headphones.  Or maybe it's not because your stupid...maybe your mommy and daddy won't spend the money on your snot nosed punk ass because you won't take out the trash and do your chores.  Any part of the game that I can use to my advantage, I will.  This includes the heartbeat sensor, etc...  I find it funny when someone in SND ******* about me using siterep pro, cold  blooded, and use a heartbeat sensor...they say"nice baby monitor jack arse"..I usually inform them that they must be a baby since I found them with my baby monitor and inform them that they must be too damn stupid to have ninja on as their third perk.  I have a better idea for the complainers, GET BETTER at the game!! When I started, I went 5-20 on TDM constantly.  Now after 56, that's right, 56 days of online play, I usually go 29-5 on TDM and 10-3 on SND.  People need ot stop complaining and just get better!!  But they probably won't since they want everything handed to them on a silver platter......

  • 65. The new Sitrep-Pro will RUIN SEARCH AND DESTROY!!

    I dont have any headphones and I'm 33yrs old. Thats the wrong approach to take to people that have a dislike for a useable mechanism for the game. i have thought of getting some, just haven't got around to it.

  • 66. The new Sitrep-Pro will RUIN SEARCH AND DESTROY!!

    Dude, I'm 41 and can afford a few bucks on a device that gets me an advantage.  I say to you, go get some.  The Triton AX180's and Turtle Beach PX21's are a pair of good starting headpohones that cost $69.  If you want to spend a little more and get a good 5.1 pair, then get the Triton AX720's for $129.  That is the pair I have and it's like having my surround sound system on my head.  If you want to go wireless, then get the new PS3 only headset is only $100 and 2 of my friends have those and love em for the mobility.  It doesn't cost that much to get the most out of the game!!  That's what is different between IW and Failarchs games, IW makes it sound AWESOME!!  Why not get the most out of it!! I do and I bet the first time you put on a pair, you will say the same damn thing I did..."WHAT TOOK ME SOO LONG TO GET A PAIR!!".   Headphones do make a difference and all of my online clan agree with me!!

  • 67. The new Sitrep-Pro will RUIN SEARCH AND DESTROY!!

    Wow I love ignorant people like you that think you can decipher my life story from an online blog.  I actually do have Turtle Beaches, which I bought and paid for with my own money earned with my own sweat.  Not that it's any of your damn business dicklips.  And if you had read my entire post instead of being an assumptive troll, you would see that I was referring to camping in a corner and sound-whoring so you can hear anyone who is actually attempting to move around and play objectives when they get anywhere near you.  I have no problem with headsets, I like them a lot.  You, however, are a pathetic waste of semen and the best part of you ran down your mother's leg

  • 68. The new Sitrep-Pro will RUIN SEARCH AND DESTROY!!

    This topic is an epic fail... Obviously just a bunch of kids who rely WAY too much on ninja pro.


    CoD is a game of balance, every perk, weapon, or equip has a counter. Quit crying just because you're either too stupid or unwilling to counter it.

  • 69. The new Sitrep-Pro will RUIN SEARCH AND DESTROY!!

    Actually, i will have to disagree. Since most (if not all) people in S&D trickshot, they are going to need the pro version of Dead Silence (no fall damage) to get those 00ber 1337 trickshots. At least from high ground...

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