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Quotes from the COD community?

Hello everyone and welcome to the thread of "Quotes from the COD Community". In this thread we all will put a random quote that YOU created and not taken from someone else's quote's. The quotes should be very similar to the quote's that are in the MW series (when you die you get a random quote). Thank you for reading and let's keep it civil. I will start it off.



-COD Community quotes-




Natas2057- It would take billions of people to save the world but yet it takes just one person to destroy it all.





IIFOXHOUNDII- "...this is how we've been running the forums since before you arrived, how we will continue, and how we will long after you are gone."




sdrol117- "...Thousands of people wage war against a $60 game that most of them will buy anyway. The only victors are the ones who knew that they were waging war in a pointless battle in the first place."




mralpharogue- "Modern Warfare is to me, what cake is to a fat kid. We both know our vice is bad for us, but it's just too hard to stay away from it."




Poisin Pawn- "It's ok if you use tubes; I understand if you can't shoot"




esmorque- "Stay on-topic...or get off damn thread!!"




JonesBurr- "Don't Fox with the Hound"