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Strike Package Video - Mathematical Error?


Mark Rubin (I.W.) is explaining the Specialist Strike Package. Here are his words:

"So the third strike package we have is called the specialist package. Now this one is really interesting. So you start your character with 3 perks. You get your first 2 kills - you unlock a 4th perk, 2 more kills - you unlock a 5th perk. You unlock a new perk every 2 kills. So at 8 kills you have every perk in the game..."


Did I misunderstand something? There are 15 perks in the game and starting with 3 perks, with a new perk every 2 kills, by 8 kills you should have 7 perks. 7 is not 15. What did I miss? Did he mean after doing that 3 times, cos I never heard it?