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[PS3] The Brotherhood of Assassins is Recruiting


Alright, so my clan has a total of maybe 20 people, but a lot of them either are not too great or just do not come online often enough. I am looking to recruit between 5 and 10 people.


I am getting hardened edition and am leader, so we will get all those extra 'perks' that come with that. I am also active on CoD Elite and will think about entering gamebattles tourneys again if I can get some good players.


The clan mostly plays Search and Destroy and Team Deathmatch, but we know strategies for every game mode. We basically never lost on Black Ops, and MW2 we lost very rarely, most of the times because someone on the other team was hacking/modding, or because of getting kicked during host migration.


Clan Name: The Brotherhood of Assassins

Clan Tag: TBoA

Status: Recruiting


1. Must have a mic

2. Must be able to play tactically, especially in the objective game modes (Think S&D)

3. I do not want someone who quickscopes regularly, we have private matches all the time so we can do stupid stuff like that

4. Must live in the USA or Canada

5. Must not already be committed to a clan

6. Must actually prefer winning to screwing around/getting crazy killcams

7. Must be available to play nearly every day (I will be playing 5+ hours EVERY DAY for at least 2 months)

8. It is preferred that you have a facebook account that you frequent. This is not mandatory.


That's pretty much it. Let me know/voice your concerns on here or in PM, whichever you prefer. If you are interested, add me on PSN WITH YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT and let me know.