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[1GuN] - PS3 Clan looking for players to join us!!

Looking for anyone who loves to play Call of Duty!  There are no "K/D" or "W/L" requirements and no one should care so much about it that they talk down to others about it. I have started a new account (which I'll be trying like hell to rapidly prestige in BO and MW2 from now through DblXP weekend until the 8th) and my stats may suffer during that time especially if it's the typical Nuketown 24/7!  My prior account was rushed to get online and didn't care for the name. Those stats were mauled because I ❤love❤ to play Domination and I'm a flag capping maniac. So I died   often in the beginning. I'll start with what we're looking for, then what we are not looking for, and finally I will give some background about who I am. So here we go!


1- What we would like to see from our members: 


•Love to play this game....even if things are not going perfect


•Committed to playing with members when they are online


•Willing to actually communicate effectively and play with tactics rather than muting everyone all the time.


•willing to put effort into furthering the clan when able and competing in CoD Elite competitions


•preferably a mature adult


•Prior Military a plus! 


•Versatile in setting up class when forming parties to compliment each others set up making a strong team



2- What we would not like to see and try to avoid in members: 


•Stat whores who ONLY care about K/D and-or W/L (strive to do well and improve while being proud is fine, ******** at others and being a camping kill whore is another story)


•NO BOOSTERS {really, cheating a video game so you can talk **** about having fake stuff}


•Camping, rage quitting, plug pullers, dashboarding, or any other action just to improve your own stats, like it's going to get you somewhere.  Losing a game or not getting a perfect game means nothing in the real!


•no whiners who want to complain about over powered this and plz nerf that


That's it!  Simple really. Just mature people who want to play a GAME together and enjoy competing in CoD Elite without all the childish crap we all run into here and there. (more than I care for anyway)


I'm a retired US Marine living in Tampa, Fl (Bradenton-Sarasota) and work as a systems admin. I'm 34, married, and have two children. I play in the mornings during the week(some of the evening too), and as much as I can fit in on the weekend. I am a pc gamer that picked up a PS3 when Mortal Combat hit stores. PC shooters were my favorite outside of RPGs like Diablo, Dragon Age, HoMM, etc. I extensively played the Unreal Tournament series, Quake, and Doom. Made the move to Call of Duty on PS3 and have finally fell in line with the controller. Frustrating at first but now comes normally. Trackball will always remain more precise but CoD seems better on console so controller it is.


Joining is SIMPLE!!!  Just add me or reply with PSN name! 


MeanestPeenis  - is my gamertag (some of you may know me from UT2003, through UT3)


See everyone in game!  MW3 FTW          ❕❕❕