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Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3


Anyone intrested in joining a mw3 tdm ladder using e-battles system (we have it on our website) and are looking for maybe 10 friendly ,like minded clans to start a tdm ladder.


Rules to be decided once mw3 is released


sing up on webby www.bhc-rangers.com


and go to forums for ebattles to declare intrest http://www.bhc-rangers.com/addons/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?6725



or email me  bhc_rangers@hotmail.co.uk

xfire ltmax1


link to ladder http://www.bhc-rangers.com/addons/ebattles/eventinfo.php?eventid=7



No Haxors or Abusives wanted, just friendly folk..


{BHC}Max @ www.bhc-rangers.com

  • Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3

    Stop promoting this game, it deserves no support from clans, have some self respect ffs.

    • Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3

      I agree Gromit

    • Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3

      mw3 is what it is.. nothing you or i  say will change anything about it...

      Q. how would you have felt if there was NO dedi servers?

      ive bought every cod since i discovered cod2..

      still cod4 is best...


      but i'm willing to make the best out of an imperfect situation, and get on with it..


      self respect? i have tons, i dont feel i've sold out to anyone..

      and i bet there are hundreds who declare here they will never buy mw3, and come 8th november, you will find em in que's up and down the country..

      ive already preordered in may this year, also ordered a server from gtx 2x months ago.

      so i am willing to give mw3 a try, i wont lose sleep over £30.00, i spend that much on pocket money for the kids every week.

      {BHC}Max @www.bhc-rangers.com

      • Re: Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3

        So your willing to accept a sub par product from a company that clearly does not care about or listens to it's customer's, your willing to be treated like a child and told what you want, your also willing to support a company that would have all of us playing on a system that was dropped over ten years ago for a supirior system simply coz they are lazy, useless and inconsiderate.


        By accepting this kind of treatment you condone it and by condoning it you are encouraging them to do it again and take more away from us and throw us even further back into the stone age.


        How long untill the game becomes region locked for multiplayer like it is with Starcraft 2 (Published by Activision BTW, devloped by Blizzard), for example you live in the US i live in the UK, i have to buy a US region CoD to play with you, but i also want top lay with people in the UK, i then have to buy a second copy to do so.


        Judging by the way Bowling wants a unified expience across all platforms we'll also be forced to purchase xbox360 controllers. be forced to play at an even lower framerate of 30 FPS and a locked resolution of 1024x768. oh and not forgeting a monthly subscription to play the game, they say it won't happen but i think we all know it's only a matter of time untill your presented with "Invoice due for monthly subsciption on Modern Warfare Multi Player, final notice due, if payement is not made in full your account will be suspended untill payment is made, you will not be able to play untill this is done, thank you for your custom, Craptivision".


        So stop being a knob and don't let Activision shove thier scaley red pecker up your open and willing ringpiece you corporate knob sucking whore.

  • Re: Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3

    i d be interested

  • Re: Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3

    Btw how many of your clan members have cancelled their pre order?. Or is that why you're trying so desperately to recruit?.

    • Re: Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3

      why dont you ask them?

      and were always on the look out for friendly mature players, erm that sorta discounts you, i think..


      and since were a cod4 clan, with one of the best mods on the planet..


      mw3 will either be a hit or a miss, if its better than what we have , great , if not? then it will just be like all the others, great sp, not much use for anything else.. but as i say , i'm willing to give it a go, just like a did with mw2 and bo and waw.

      peace out

      {BHC}Max @ www.bhc-rangers.com

  • Re: Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3

    LOL your clan could'nt be less impressed if they tried, just been looking through what i can see in your forum and yeaaahhhhhhhh good luck getting that server of your populated by your own clan members, good try mate 10/10 for effort 4/10 for a piss poor bluff.

  • Re: Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3

    Qoute from {BHC}Hacker22 regarding the use of VAC


    "ok thats added teh Definitely not buying list then.... unless its absolutely Ace"



  • Re: Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3

    Ok i'll admit your mw2 mod for cod4 was amazing, if your recruiting for cod1,2,4 and W@W i can respect but for the love of god dont do it here coz it promotes the fail that is mw2,3. i'm begging you advertise elsewhere, i know your clan is better than this.

  • Re: Friendly Clan TDM ladder for mw3

    This post is meant to help generate a bit of intrest in mw3 for us who will be buying it.


    STILL TBC for definate is the question of  who is hosting dedi servers?

    will it be a GSP?

    or will it be SELF HOSTED on YOUR PC ?


    first option is a must, second one is not something anyone wants...