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Prestiging on an old hard drive?


I know I prestiged on cod4 and possibly/maybe MW2 but since I bought a new 360 last year I no longer have those games saved to my hard drive. Would the game still recognize me as having prestiged if I did?


I'm getting both of those copies from a friend of mine in a day or two and I'm thinking I'll prob have to start from the begining. It wont be a huge issue because it would give me a break from playing Blops but it would be nice if I could just load up the game and find out that I've prestiged already.....anyone know?

  • Prestiging on an old hard drive?

    Most likely they'll still count you if the profile you used to prestige is the same. If you made a new one... then no. But regardless of the save game files (since every player's stats are saved on IW's servers) you should be able to get rewarded if you're using the same profile.

  • Prestiging on an old hard drive?

    It should all transfer over as long as you use the same xbox live tag, on the amount of Prestiging token

    10 tokens for modern warfare 3

    4 tokens for the prevous games; you can only get one token per game as I understood it, you only had to prestege once, so hackers and boosters it does not matter you will all have the same amount of tokens

    total of 14 tokens posible unless you want to repeat the process all again in MW3 at tenth prestige

  • Prestiging on an old hard drive?

    Ok, so I was able to pop in some old copies tonight and I was right where I left off in both of them. It even remembered what game mode I was playing last....that's impressive imo.


    So now I've got all my tokens, hope this helps anyone else wondering the same thing.

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    All your stats are saved on IW/Activision servers, not on your console. So yes. But you can only retrieve your stats using the same account you did use before.