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Join clan  DEAD FISH LEGENDS  !!!!!!!!!

Are you lookin for a clan of free-loaders who will steal your kills??? Then we're not the clan for you. We are a clan of serious gamers who play more than just Call of Duty; we're into every kind of videogame ( except for those nerdy puzzle games). So if you want to join us on the XBOX360 leave your comments below with your gamertag and a little bit about yourself( name, address, social security, etc..... nah i'm just kidding). You can add me as a friend on Xbox Live by adding   Captain CrunchB. So get ready to join the best clan ever( and if you make fun of the clan name I'll hunt you down and kill you). Also check out my Youtube channel by searching CaptainCrunchB78 ( I had problems trying to post the link lol) and pls subscribe