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COD: Elite Will Not Debut with MW3 for PC

This was posted on OneofSwords Blog:


Dan: Back in August, at GamesCom, you mentioned that you were working on customizing the PC platform for Elite. Back then I wondered  if  dedicated servers might be causing some of the concern — since  there’s  no central server hub to maintain data security, I thought that  might  make it hard to run competitions if you can’t guarantee how the  servers  are run. Is that part of it?


Chacko: Correct. We’re as  committed as  ever to the PC, but the need to ensure a safe PC  environment is greater  than ever.  It’s really extensive.  We need more  time to get there, so  Elite on PC will not launch on Day 1.  We’re  working our butts off to  make it happen, but we won’t release it until  we know that PC gamers can  enjoy Elite as it’s meant to be.


The  issue here is that the PC is an  insecure platform. Without a central,  trusted resource for stats, a lot  of our competition features become  unfair. We can’t give away prizes  when people can easily cheat their  stats. Leaderboards are less fun when  a lot of the users are there  unfairly.


Dan: A year's premium membership to  Elite is  one of the most prominent elements of MW3′s Hardened Edition,  but there  is no PC version of HE available for preorder. Does that mean  there is  no paid PC membership to Elite?


  Noah: As Chacko  mentioned, not being  able to trust stats is a big problem for our  design. Because of this, we  had to re-imagine Elite for PC. Elite for  PC will be about access to  your own stats, or those of your friends.  Basically establishing a  circle of trust. And because it will have some  reduced functionality, it  will be free for everyone.


  Dan:  The ability to subscribe to  discounted DLC through an Elite membership  is a very popular aspect of  the service. If there's no paid PC element  to Elite, will PC gamers  still have the option to do that, or are they  on the existing a la carte  system for MW3?


  Noah: PC guys will be able to purchase their DLC content a la carte, just like it has worked before.


  Dan:  What elements do you feel  confident will appear in the PC  implementation of Elite? Do you have  a timetable for when it will  debut?


  Chacko: We're working on it, but it is  not going  to come out until we've done a lot more work. At this point I  need to  say, "It will be ready when it is ready." I'm a PC gamer myself  and I  don't want to ship something to this community that doesn't have  the  polish that they deserve.




  • COD: Elite Will Not Debut with MW3 for PC

    Chacko obv thinks that playing farmville and mafia wars on facebook makes him a PC gamer. Otherwise his paycheck is blinding him from the state that this game is in for PC. Or they think we deserve a subpar game, who knows?

  • COD: Elite Will Not Debut with MW3 for PC

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    This post is what, 10 months old? And they are yet to announce ANYTHING about cod: elite for pc.


    I call bs.


    You'd imagine that they had made some kind of progress in a year. Either regarding cod: elite or all the hackers who contaminate 2/3 of all games you join.


    Just give us SOMETHING to indicate what you're doing, where you are, what you're planning and what you are discussing for/about the PC community.

    Hackers were a huge issue in mw2 as well, you'd think a worldwide game dev. firm would figure a solution to a problem like hacking at least, with about 10 games in the same series on the road?


    Something. Anything...

    My experience tells me that you can pretty much tell people that you're going to take a dump in their face, as long as you're not keeping them in the dark.

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    i heard elite mite come to pc on 15th of july. don't know if its treu but i am looking forward to it

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    Fat chance we have of getting this what so ever for MW3. They have no idea on how to fix it otherwise it would have come out already. If they weren't in such a hurry to release a new game every 12 months, Y not take a little bit longer to get it right 1st b4 releasing it, starting to sound like MS & there OS's every 2nd 1 they f**k up cause there in a hurry.


    They are only making things worse by avoiding the PC Community. As good as BO's 2 sounds, if they think they are going to get the everyone back who left, you have another thing coming. Screwed us too many times. These companies should be held responsible for releasing s**t, hit them were it will hurt the most DONT buy BO's 2 or anything other s**t they are trying to flog off to us.