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The Green Beret PS3 Clan now recuiting!

 I'm looking for around 20 people to join my call of duty clan. We are going to play MW2, Black ops, and MW3. We are going to be a very competative group so i want to get together some really good players that work well together as a team. There are'nt any special requirments or tryouts in the begining. If we start to get more people that want to join after the 20 then we might. If you are interested in joining you can e-mail me at MWMbaseball.Mullins22@gmail.com, message me on PSN: Matt22yuc and Thegreenberet22, or put a message below. I am currently making a team website were i can put all the rosters and any important things you need to know. The spots are filling up fast so let me know. Thanks!