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  • 30. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    sniping would return back to COD 4 before the noobs runined the sniper class, when we used to have sniper battles on Crossfire and Overgrown, now the sniper class is being used a run and gun class, that is not what a sniper is, getting rid of it would be the best option

  • 31. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Uhh, QSing became huge in CoD4...then carried over (and was made easier in MW2).


    Just saying...

  • 32. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    only thing in COD 4 was no-scopers, quickscoping didn't become propar with the youtube noobs till MW2

  • 33. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    No.  Grizz pioneered the G-shot in CoD4, but there most definitely was quickscoping in CoD4...youtube exploded with MW2 quickscopers when cap cards and HDPVRs became more accessible.  No one had cap cards in 07...seems like everyone has them today. 

  • 34. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Yeah, I was ok with attempting to eliminate QS, but 3arc did not implement it correctly, and made sniping(QSing or otherwise) nearly impossible, especially on/near launch. I dont really care if QS stays or goes, there are few people who can do it consistently, and thus you may get me once or twice, but you arent going to ruin a match for me. And with all the kiddies running around with the snipers on day one my assault rifles/submachine guns should clean them up nicely.

  • 35. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    I played COD4 for over a year, trust me there, no-one glitched scoped, most of the time there was little kids who wanted to no-scope but it wasn't till MW2 that glitchscoping became poplar amoung the noobs and then they realised they could do it on COD4 and W@W. No Scopers I can deal with, glitchscopers are a bunch of retards who should go back to hip firiing with 1887's

  • 36. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    MW2 becoming more popular for QS has less to do with cap cards and HDPVRs, and more to do about ADS quicker.

  • 37. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    I'll bet I have more time played on CoD4 than you, and yes, there was quickscoping.  And I love how you call it "glitchscoping", its apparent you have no idea how a QS works.  There were no scopers, but noscoping was next to impossible if you couldn't do a g-shot.  People would resort to barrel stuffing in CQC, but thats about it...but it's not like you could no scope with the effectiveness of quickscoping.  Ha, I can't believe you don't believe QSing wasn't huge in CoD4.  All I ever saw in that game were M40's with ACOGs.  OHK to any part of the body...hence the QS explosion in MW2.

  • 38. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    The only reason you didn't run into them often on Cod4 is because we did them in Sniper Lobbies with friends rather than going into pubs with noobs camping back in their spawns all the time. Face it, you don't like quickscoping because you can't do it.

  • 39. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    How about we make snipers fair?
    We greatly decrease (about same speed a riot shield) movement due to the weigth of the sniper riffle and allow quick scope.

    you will see that kids won't agree to this ever. no one will be using sniper riffles. if we want to base stats on real life none of the bs on cod would exist.

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