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  • 80. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Riiiight...it's not like we're playing battlefield here.  These are small maps.  CQC is bound to happen on 90% of the maps.  You're telling me if you were trying to set up your position & you turned the corner with your sniper, and a guy was right in front of you, you'd actually take time to switch to your secondary??  Sorry, but I'm not going to let him kill me.  I'm going into "kill or be killed" mode and going for a quickscope.  I will never just lie down for another player. Ever.


    Don't get me wrong, I have sniper classes with claymores, and I use my secondary quite often...I just think QSing is more effective than swaping for a secondary in the heat of battle. 

  • 81. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    If you let them find you then you shouldn't snipe, the whole point of a sniper is to be in a good position observing the battlefield, if they catch you then you deserve to die.


    The claymore is a warning, then you can switch to a hand gun, its not that hard to push triangle

  • 82. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Disagree.  An effective sniper shoots and moves.  He's never caught in the same place where he just got a kill.  Again, these are small maps, and playing hardcore or core, players will eventually find you if you sit in the same spot.  I 100% guarantee that you don't go entire matches without being seen by an enemy.  So, what you're arguing, is that no one should snipe?  Plus, if you're sitting still, not moving, you're not helping your team in objective type games.  Camping your claymores may work in HCTDM with a silenced sniper for a while...but I can assure you it doesn't last.  Players adapt. They'll find you.  But, snipers are the most adaptive kinds of soldiers. If you can't adapt, you're going to die. 

  • 83. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Nope, people who use the sniper rifle correctly can snipe, glitch scopers and no-scopers can use Assautl rifles with ACOG scopers, better for everyone then

  • 84. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Again, I disagree with your personal sniping tactics, but hey, that's what makes this game so great!  We're both effective snipers in our own realm! 



    Happy hunting!

  • 85. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Well I am more effective because I can snipe, you just glitch scope which isn't sniping, its glitching

  • 86. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Fun read this lot. Particularly snipe on snipe chat. V interesting.

  • 87. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Pretty sure I'd out snipe you from any distance, because I QS and can target enemies faster. Again, you're ignorant to what a "glitch" actually is...online dictionaries should clear that up for you.  All your whining sounds like you're jealous you can't QS, which is fine...I don't want you trying it and giving us a bad name. 


    And BTW, if you've ever read any of my posts here, you'd know I (and many others) don't QS every kill...that'd be stupid.  Snipe when appropriate, QS when you have to.  In case you didn't catch the drift in my last post, I'm done arguing with you about this.  You're clearly too stubborn and biased to realize your play style isn't the only type out there.  I'd love for you to upload a video challenging the legitimacy of QSing...I'd be fun to see a "glitch" in action!!

  • 88. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    Agreed. I worry about that, as well. It seems like they had two crowds...one that didn't like killstreaks stacking and the other that did. Maybe they couldn't decide and so they went with both in different packages.


    I can't complain...it's something new to look forward to. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about that also, though.


    Same with the proficiencies, but at least people have to make a choice there. I guess in the case of both the proficiencies and the killstreaks they have to make a choice....I just wonder if people will be driven to one side or another based on the ease of it, or the path of least resistance.


    I mean, look how many people use nothing but a scar, acr or famas in MW2 because it's just too easy. Dunno.



  • 89. Quick Scoping... A Civilized Discussion

    At this point I don't fear killstreak stacking as much as I do in MW2. And I say that from both ends. Being someone that can killstreak stack and having been on the opposite end of it. From the interviews that have been done and that I have seen Bowling and team have put forth a decent amount of effort to tone down the killstreaks damage and arrange them so that getting the high end killstreaks will be tougher. When it comes to stacking though one only really needs to worry about the Assault Class because that is the only one that stacks and if you look at the kills required and what the killstreak does they won't be stacking so easily. I figured out the Predator, Harrier, Pavelow/12 killstreak+ reward or Harrier, Chopper Gunner, Nuke killstreak setup within a hour or two of playing MW2 and realized it was way to easy to rack up body counts. I don't think this is going to be a problem in MW3