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CTF on 360, founder status


As you may have read insanohabenero's post, I will be joining him in the revoltuion of capture the flag.  For those who will be or have preordered elite you'll notice some of the benefits for having founder status.  There will be special clan xp for those who have founders status.  Our goal should be to have 100 clan members, working endlessly to rank up and unlock all of our favorites!  Now some of you may not want to play capture all the time.  That's fine by me, as I'm sure I'll be playing the others as well.  There will be special events for clans to do certain things in every gamemode.  The key is getting the right people together with the same goal...kicking arse!  Some of you may be a camper, sitting back racking up those killstreaks.  Some of you may be a run and gunner, doing whatever it takes to win.  Some of you might just suck and want to get better.  You're all welcome in this clan as long as you play to win!  If anyone has a modded controller, likes to use glitches, or cheats with a lag-switch you can go to hell.  What's the point of playing if you have to cheat!  This is a clan for honest players that have enjoyed the beauty of call of duty.  Send me a message if you want to join the revolution.