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Playing Old COD's


Anyone dusting off the old games trying to get an extra prestige token?

I'm playing WaW now, I'm only a few levels away from hitting prestige (I only played online for about 2 months when I had that game before losing internet for quite a while). I'm thinking about picking up a copy of Cod4 for Ps3 since it was the only Cod I had on 360, and it won't count. Anyone know if it's as bad hacked as the 360 version seems to be? I'm thinking I can run through it pretty quick with the upcoming double xp

  • Playing Old COD's

    Yep. I'm doing WaW as well. only level 30 and it might take a while with the hackers on it. Its the only one I never prestiged on.

  • Playing Old COD's

    i play waw now and again still but never prestiged but i did last nite and now im playing to get back to rank 65

  • Playing Old COD's

    CoD4, WaW and MW2 are all unplayable due to the awesome speed hacks, floor hacks, and other random expoits/hacks that are rampant in the games ATM. I joined 5 WaW lobbies(all of different game types) yesterday and every single lobby was hacked.

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    I am playing W@W.  I haven't played that much only 1 day of play time and I havent touched MW.  Compared to 25+ days on MW2. 


    I am wrapping up my prestige on W@W.  I am on level 57.  Its a totally different game.  It might take me awhile to finish up.  Then I hope to get through a prestige on MW.  The tokens are nice to have but if i can get 3/4 I think thats not bad.

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    Pre-CoD4, the best campaign are


    COD2 > COD3 > COD1

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    Hey guys,


    I am looking to join forces with anyone who is trying to finish up their W@W prestige.  I want to take advantage of the double xp event that is taking place.  I am level 59 and I just need to get through the next 6 levels.  Help would be mutually appreciated.  Add me and lets get 'er done!


    PSN Kourtvizion


    put W@W in the title of the friend request so I know. I play after 10PM till about 12 or 1 depending on the day.  Thanks.

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    I plan on playing the Cod4 & MW2 single player campaigns the weekend before MW3 is released.


    Thankfully I'm 10th prestige in Cod4, Waw & MW2...not to mention 15th in Black Ops.

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    Im also trying to get that prestige in Cod4.. Get so damn frustrated with the q-scoping i tend to only play a good hour then stop. Level 40 right now so only 15 to go.. prolly just wait til dbl xp this weekend. and its friday the 27th.. 10am until the 31st on tuesday...

    My Gt is XxhardcoreMFrxX on xbox if anyone wants to play some Cod4

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    I've already Prestiged once in all of them, so I don't play the multiplayer. I might play the campaign or Zombies (in WaW) once in a while, though.

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    sold all of 'em since BlkOps

    i play on the wii

    HACKERS everywhere... poor excuse for human beings imo

    ruin everything, yeah constant air strike makes for a real fun game you fricken fcukwits...

    i really liked W@W and MW:R too

    god damn hackers.

    ...you killed cod. you bastards.

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    I've been messing around with CoD4 on PC. It's teating me pretty good.


    http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/559795813594582738/8FE3AE82DA49698E72AE09F4672 EEDA9E3FC409B/

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    I guess i am lucky i prestiged in each before all of the hacking. i havent seen a single mw2 hacked lobby on xbox and my cod4 disk is broken so i dont know about that. W@W is ****** though i get in one game out of 10 that won't be hacekd then some hacker joins mid game 90% of the time on me.

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      MW2 on PC is filled with hacks all over the place. I haven't played that game since BO came out and refuse to go back to it because of all the hacking. I rarely see any hackers on W@W or CoD4 for PC though.