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360 founder status clan (clan xp!!!)


For all of you who are looking to rack up some CLAN XP come join mine.  Hopefully you reserved the mw3(360) and elite so you can take advantage of founder status.  We are looking for experienced gunners who play to win and humiliate the other team.  My squad mostly plays capture the flag but are gifted in all game modes. We will be looking to compete in the weekly challenges that elite will be providing. There will be competitions in every game mode so whatever you're good at, there is a place for you here.  Since we are filling up fast, we have a few requirements now. You must have a headset, if we can't communicate, we don't need ya.  You must be of legal age to play this game as well.  Sorry kids...  We'd like to see you have a win ratio and k/d over 1.0.   We are currently trying to reach 100 member and would like you to join.  Imagine all of us working hard to rank each other up!  Eventually I'll post the list of all the players so you can all add them to your friend lists.  I want people that play to win, none of you dash-boarders who's only concern is cheating your stats so you can brag in the lobby about how "good" you are.  We are looking for dedicated players so we can dominate each week.  Some of you may be in a small clan already...why not merge your clan and get that bonus xp from all of us?  Send me your gamertag if interested, otherwise I'll see you through my scope!



(Elite Leaders of Kill Shots)

founders- SwampLeeches and insanohabenero and hawnks (send us requests)




P.S. Even when you're not playing the rest of us will be getting you that clan xp!  Endless double xp weekends is another bonus!


P.P.S.  We are close to the max so we will be making a waiting list.  I assume we'll have some slackers that may need to be cut for lack of dedication.  Be patient and post you winning % and k/d ratio, hopefully your stats make it an easy decision!

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