What's all this about?

This is the One of Swords blog – a place for the gaming fans and the community to get the latest news from Activision about games like Call of Duty, Skylanders, Destiny and more.



And you are?

Well, I used to be Dan Amrich, until Dan said “farewell.” Now, I’m currently MacLean Marshall, or Mac as most people call me by, at least until further notice.




So that means that with Dan’s departure, it’s my job (for the time being), along with a small staff of helper monkeys, to keep 1oS updated with the latest news on everything Activision's working on.



Aren't you just PR?

It’s true…I work in PR. Whew…that feels much better, thank you for that. One could say that I’m not just in PR though, but rather that I’m a PR person, a gamer, a writer, a scholar, and in reality - somebody who was willing to step in and help 1oS out during its time of need.



What does the name "One of Swords" mean?

(From Dan Amrich – the original/former 1oS community manager)


For one, it sounds cool. Swords are noble, romantic weapons, and as any gamer you meet in a multiplayer lobby will tell you, being number one never sucks. What’s not to like? But really, it’s a tarot card reference. I’ve always been interested in all things mysterious and I used to read tarot back in college. Poke around and you’ll see different interpretations of the One (or Ace) of Swords, all of which apply: Honesty; truthfulness, a new perspective on old ideas, success in a new career (yes please), using intellect to temper emotion (i.e. “no fanboyism”)," and more than anything, clarity. That seemed the perfect fit for what I wanted this project to be, as well as the things that are personally important to me.



Where's the podcast?

Alas, with Dan’s recent departure, so departs the 1oS podcast moving forward.



How do I contact you?

Just email oneofswords@activision.com.