WE MADE IT. On this milestone show, Kat and Hugh and I are very happy to welcome geek culture icons Seth Green and Clare Grant for an intimate discussion about making custom action figures, cosplaying your own characters, and that time Hugh broke Skywalker Ranch. Elsewhere, whilst reminiscing, secrets are revealed about the extremely complicated "lost episode" that never aired and the secret fight that almost ruined everything ever. We also talk about next-gen stuff, the length of game reviews, Call of Duty Clan Wars stuff, trivia about trivia, and R. Budd Dwyer. But ultimately, WE MADE IT. And we made it for you. And we couldn't have made it without you. Thank you for 200 episodes of support! 

One of Swords Podcast 200: The 200th Show

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Actually Legitimately Famous Special Guests: Seth Green and Clare Grant

Host: Dan "OneOfSwords" Amrich, Activision Community Manager, author, musician, puzzle nerd, and fire juggler

Co-host: "The Lovely and Talented" Katrin Auch, photographer, graphic designer, bassist, Mechromancer, and inventor of Headshotmas

Absent Co-host: Hugh "DJ Darkhugh" Sterbakov, screenwriter, author, comic creator, Emmy-nominated writer/toy wrangler for Robot Chicken, and Governor of Somewhere

Soundtrack: Yameen - available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and all online music stores

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