Happy Xbox One launch day! If you stood in line last night or await a delivery today -- of even if you are just hoping Santa gets the hint -- then today is a day of great celebration. If an Xbox One is in your immediate future, keep mind that Activision has three games available for the console at launch: 



Call of Duty Ghosts brings the campaign, multiplayer, Squads, and Extinction modes to the new platform -- and you can bring all your Xbox 360 progress over with you if you sign in with your Call of Duty account. Ghosts is $59.99, available on disc or digitally via Games On Demand, and an upgrade from the 360 version is available for $10.

Skylanders: SWAP Force got great reviews on current-gen, and all your existing Skylanders toys work with SWAP Force, too. I'm still finding new challenges, bonus maps, and other fun stuff in here, so if you are looking for a game with a long tail, this is it -- and that tail is probably swappable for a wheel, or tentacles, or rocket boots...


Angry Birds Star Wars offers 200 existing levels plus 20 new ones; new 2-player co-op and 4-player competitive modes; and a total HD graphical makeover. The Xbox One will offer timed challenges that you won't find on other platforms. It's $49.99 and available on disc or digitally via Games on Demand. 

Enjoy your launch weekend, enjoy looking forward to your Xbox One, or enjoy the current-gen hardware you already own -- it's all good, as long as you are enjoying being a gamer.