Every year, the toy industry gathers in New York for the International Toy Fair. Skylanders has been a part of this show since it began, and every year, a special promotional figure has been created for attendees. Some of these very rare figures have made it out into the wild and into the hands of collectors. And this year, the official Skylanders twitter account is giving a few away to fans!


I actually have one myself -- but I earned it. We recently had a knock-down, drag-out Skylanders Swap Force Battle Mode office championship -- 24 people entered a Ring Out competition, and at the end of the day, I was the last Dan standing. My prize was an ultra-rare 2014 Toy Fair promotional Dune Bug figure, with its special metallic red finish. Nicknamed "the love bug" around the office for his crimson sheen and Toy Fair's proximity to Valentine's Day this year, this Dune Bug appears as a normal Dune Bug toy in-game, but he's very special on the outside. Here are a few high-res photos:





So if you want one like mine, folllow @SkylandersGame on Twitter, retweet the appropriate messages, and check out the rules of their giveaway. Good luck!