How can you top last week's show? We've accepted that we can't. So instead, Kat and Hugh and I discuss rare Skylanders giveaways, action-movie gravitas, the latest COD Clan War, a new Transformers game (and its new developer), game show ethics, the changing names of Dinobots, new Ghosts micro items, pinball tutorials, how department stores changed in the UK, and how Kat is too damned clever for her own good when we go to the movies. It's a show rife with indignation!


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One of Swords Podcast 213: Dude, I'll Buy Ducks
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Host: Dan "OneOfSwords" Amrich, Activision Community Manager, author, musician, puzzle nerd, and fire juggler
Co-host: Hugh "DJ Darkhugh" Sterbakov, screenwriter, author, comic creator, Emmy-nominated writer/toy wrangler for Robot Chicken, and Governor of Somewhere
Co-host: "The Lovely and Talented" Katrin Auch, photographer, graphic designer, bassist, Mechromancer, and inventor of Headshotmas

Soundtrack: Yameen - available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and all online music stores


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