• New Bond

    What do you think about daniel craig as the new Bond??? who do you think that was the best???
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  • how do you open doors

    How do you open doors
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  • How do I get Skyfall for 007 legends

    Greetings Everyone!!   I just recently purchased a "Used" copy of 007 Legends for PS3 and was wondering how I get the "Skyfall" levels.. ANY help would be great!! Thank You in advance.. Ken
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  • Will you release a new Goldeneye?

    Please release a new golden eye with online mutiplayer.
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  • 007 Legends for Wii U?

    Hello, Do you think that 007 Legends comes for the Nintendo Wii U? I want to have it for Wii U, because Goldeneye 007 was a very good game for the Wii. I will the buy the Wii U. If 007 Legends comes for Wii U, I w...
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  • Greatest Bond Game of the Franchise?

    Do you think this game will live up to it predecessor "Goldeneye 007 N64?" Yes, and I know your thinking "That game released almost 2 decades ago." You would be right, but Goldeneye 007 was and still is one of the bes...
    Daniel Craig
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