• Who is your favourite actor to portray Bond?

    My favourite actor is between Daniel Craig and George Lazemby.
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  • YOUR Favourite bond movies.

    Which are your top 5 bond movies of all time?   Mine are:   1, From Russia With Love 2, The living daylights 3, Casino Royale 4, Goldeneye 5, License To Kill
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  • Goldfinger will be the last mission in the game.

    they just confirmed with a picture that Goldfinger will be the last mission in the game. there is a picture on the internet where u can see bond infront of fort knox : the link:   http://cdn2-b.examiner.com/s...
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  • The Music of the Bond Films and its Place in the Game

    The women, the gadgets, the locations, the villains, the cars... what about the music of the James Bond films? If the idea behind 007 Legends is to commemorate and celebrate the Bond franchise then surely the music mu...
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  • Worst Bond Movie Decisions

    Even a great and beloved movie series can have some cringe inducing moments resulting from bad deceision making.  Case in point:   Worst ever Bond movie decision - Madonna  in Die Another Day, ("Madge"...
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  • I visited an official 007 film

    I was there watching and meeting the (then) Bond, and enjoying the excitement of a 007 film in the making! Join me.   http://www.authortonypiazza.com/a-view-from-a-fan-on-location-with-007-by-tony-p iazza/
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  • Which Bond movie you think is better?

    I like 007 goldeneye it has the more action touch.
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