I dont care what anyone says this is a real bond experiance
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  • Quantum of Solace

    Hey did anybody here play quantum of solace on any of the systems? I played the game stacks on 360 myself, IMO the only disappointing part of the game was lack of split screen. I was going to get the PC version but ...
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  • I want to see full remakes or...

    I have enjoyed every moment of this game (well, of the on-disc content, downloading Skyfall was a waste of time) but quite frankly there wasn't quite enough of a continued storyline for me. I really want to see either...
    created by CaelMcLeish
  • There needs to be more maps for Multiplayer

    I think that there is a limited amount of maps on offer and if there was to be an update with new maps for multiplayer games, i would be very happy.
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  • Help Needed

    Really getting the hump with this game now! I'm stuck on the last mission in Moonraker - destroy the mechanical arms - I know how to do it but get as far as the 4th arm before I get shot but stupid floating henchmen. ...
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  • Cant ski... stuck like hell

    On Her majesty... I Always lose Teresa. After I shoot the gunman in the heli, I just ski into snowdrifts and lose Teresa. I dont seemto have much control over which way the character skis anyway. Is there a way to ski...
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  • Cant Install the Game

    Hi     I bought the game from a store. I tried to install it on the PC, when i click install it takes me to a steam windows where it tells me to activate it by entering the CD key. It tries to activate it...
    created by le0na
  • Activision? EA? Where's Bond going?

    So rumour has it Activison has dropped the 007 licence. To me this is good news because all I've seen is 3 FPS games with little Bond about them and a 3rd person shooter with more 00 action in it.   Activision ...
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  • Skyfall (Istanbul) - Secondary objectives

    I've almost reached 100% completion on all of the levels. The only thing left is completing the Skyfall (Istanbul) level on hardest difficulty. To do that, and reach 100% completion at the same time, I have to complet...
    created by Scout_84
  • new player

    I was wondering if anyone can give me tips on the fort knox level where you had to match the circles to kill the power
    created by court3676
  • Can't Add Players on Local Multiplayer

    For some reason, I cannot add additional players on the local split screen mode.  When I push the + button on the wii remotes, they flash for a moment, but don't connect.  Any suggestions?
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  • Stuck in moonraker trying to hack the wifi

    Hi,   I can´t hack the wifi with my mobile phone due to the E doesn´t appear despite moving all around the PC.   Please, help me cause  I´stuck at that point.   Thanks in adv...
    created by petrussariego
  • Members' Codenames

    This official 007 Legends forum has been running since April 16 this year, during which time many tens of James Bond fans (over 100?) have engaged with one another over a whole range of issues regarding the game. Fami...
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  • How do we team up for games (wiiu) ?

    Are there friend codes/ally codes or something?  i've been trying to figure this out for a while.
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  • Can guest join the online multiplayer?

    I haven't had 007 Legends for very long and I got two of my buddies over. We wanted to play the multiplayer but online. I have a playstation network ID but they don't. Is there anyway that us 3 could play online multi...
    created by kurtmayer70
  • 007 legends pc retail skyfall mission how?

    i have the retail pc version of 007 legends. on the box, front and back, it says that inside there are instructions on how to get "skyfall mission". there is no such instruction anywhere. there's only a two page lea...
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  • Skyfall for PC - (no) news from Activision

    I contacted Activision support on the 29th November 2012. I wrote in english, they replied in Swedish on the 30th November 2012. (go figure!). I asked when the Skyfall mission would be released. The response was as ...
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  • How to play this on the Wii U gamepad?

    Is it possible to play this solely on the Wii U gamepad screen? I know you can do it with most games including call of duty so figured you could with this, please let me know if you can / how tyvm
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  • How much should i sell my remote controll limitted edition dragon fire for?

    i bought the care package edition of black ops 2 and i need some money, so im thnking of a price for the dragon fire...... how much should i sell it for?
    created by MatthewVC
  • Livestream not working. Says i have less than 1.5 MBPS upload but i have 4 MBPS

    My livestream option is blocked because of a notice saying if you have less than 1.5 MBPS upload bandwidth than livestreaming will be disabled... I have 4 MBPS... more than enough...   http://www.speedtest.net/r...
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