• create your own marvel universe

    what would your marvel universe be and which charcter you choose to concentrate on and waht would be its name?
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  • What Kind Of Spider-Man Game Would YOU Want To See In The Future??

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  • The Wolverine (movie)

    Ian McKellen ready to become magneto once again   http://filmonic.com/ian-mckellen-ready-waiting-wolverine-2   [thread re-named to reflect movie title - 11/18/10 - Jadryx]
    Omega red
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  • Guess WHO???

    THE SCARLET SPIDER IS BAAAAAACK!!!   http://www.badhaven.com/comics/comic-news/scarlet-spider-returns/   Straight from NYCC The Scarlet Spider is a new ongoing series coming in January 2012 from Chris Yost...
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  • The Thor movie (director for Thor 2 confirmed)

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  • Top 50 Marvel Characters

    CBR's "Comics Should Be Good" counts down the fan voted top 50 Marvel characters.   #50-46 #45-41 #40-36 #35-31 #30-26 #25-21 #20-18 #17-15 #14-12 #11-10
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  • Anti-Venom vs Venom

    It's been said that Anti-Venom and Flash Thompson Venom will be fighting to the death soon. SO PLACE YOUR BETS EVERYBODY! My money is on Eddie. He's being promoted in Edge of Time and he recently joined a new team. I ...
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  • .................

    I made a big mistake with this thread, sorry. Dont touch it. Im just hoping a moderator dealets it so I can start over, thank you.
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  • X-men Regenesis

    *I know no one seems to care, but I figured I'll update this in case anyone wants quick information and doesn't know where to get the official release stuff.   Just wanted to start this thread to speculate or ta...
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  • A teaser trailer/game pitch

    For a game I'd like to see be made, though it probably never would. (But regardless, it was still incredibly fun to write this.)   _________________________________   [Unspecified city corner in NYC] A ...
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  • spidy fan 219

    who is your fav villian
    created by IRONJAY
  • ideas for possible avengers video game.

    If an avengers video game is made what do you think would make it a good game?
    created by jcbonerman5000
  • HULK and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H(T.V Show)

    Any thoughts? http://www.icv2.com/articles/news/20630.html IDK if u know but this is gonna be a new tv show
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  • The Voices behind our Heroes(and Villains)

    As you(hopefully) know, the characters in Marvel comics have been played by many different actors and voice actors in other material. Here we can talk about, debate and compare any of them you want.
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  • Will Marvel Universe Online Be At Comic Con?

    Does anyone know if Gazillion is gonna release anymore info about this upcoming Marvel MMO? From this site it says they are going to release artwork or some sort for this.  http://gamerlive.tv/article/comic-con-2...
    created by Truvidien
  • Dont chu just wish that marvel studious should get spiderman back?!?

    I would love to see spiderman in the avengers movie coming out in 2012. But that can not happen.
    created by recoco
  • ''Spiderman'' The Musical?! (Turn of the Dark)

    I never knew about this, i just discoverd it moments ago....   BroadWay off course btw xD   If you wanne see it here's the link:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUIaG9330No   Ps: it isn't a Fu...
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  • What happened to black super heroes?

    I'd just like to see some diversity in the heroes they're pushing in films and the comics. Thor and capt a, both blonde and blue eyed. All the evenness are white, at least in the upcoming movie. And the only black mut...
    created by Darkness01
  • Marvel.com

    Who here has a Marvel.com account?
    created by Peter105
  • Create Your Own Custom Mutant

    hey guys,   this is another project I have worked on. It's tied with 5 Gum and the X-Men first class film   http://www.5xmutantgum.com/   here's one of my early mutants http://www.5xmutantgum.com/mu...
    created by sgttruffle