• Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

    Can we get windows platform support for these mobile applications? Seems like it shouldn't be to hard to port them over. I have nothing vested in Android and iOS and don't plan on it going forward. It seems to me if t...
    created by jugganutz187

    We are currently recruiting, join now before next clan war! Looking for dedicated, active players. We are looking for team players as we are objective based clan, and always aim to win and play for the task. We are an...
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  • winged boots and healing elixir are mixed up

    When i tried to register the winged boots with my blue tooth portal of power, it said it wasn't the correct toy, i did the same with the healing elixir, and it did the same thing.   When i mixed them, ( as an ex...
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  • avvio gioco

    gioco non funziona installato su ipad
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  • I'd like to see a Tower Defense game as the next mobile game

    I think the Skylanders franchise lends itself to a Tower Defense style game for mobile platforms.   The towers could be aligned to the elements and have branching upgrade trees; the Skylanders could act as in-le...
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  • Please help my daughter is on chapter 7 ans d unable to pick up dymite,

    I have tried to resey, reload and restart chapter.The dymite just bounces around the room. She is really upset as has always wanted swapforce.please can anyone help or had the same problem.
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  • I need a refund on an in-app purchase.

    My 5 year old made an in-app purchase and I didn't authorize it or get a password notification. I attempted to change the age after I first bought that app and I got an error saying due to privacy the age could not be...
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  • codes aren't working

    Codes for two air characters aren't being accepted. I am typing them in straight from the game screen so I know they're correct. Thoughts anyone?
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  • Help... won't work since update :(

    Hi all, my s3 updated to android 4.3 yesterday and now I can't access the game.   It goes to content download then says there had been a problem and to check connection and storage space but both are fine :/ ...
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  • Not working on Android

    I have a Samsung S4, i bought earlier this game and that was faulty, refunded. I realised new date on the details info page (in store), I bought again. But doesn't work too. Same version number (1.8.0), so the refre...
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