• Why does my portal not recognize cynder???Brand new starter pack for PS3

    My Portal will not recognize Cynder.  It does fine with Tree Rex and Jet-Vac.  We received Skylanders Giants, as well as a PS3 for Christmas.  I went online and it said to go to the general settings.&nb...
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  • compre el juego en wallmart mexico y el juego viene en idioma ingles que puedo hacer

    esta nuevo me podrian enviar el juego en idioma español
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  • address label for returns?

    I have gone through the returns process to get a working portal for Skylanders Giants on the Wii. It says I need to return the portal but does not give me an address to do so. The returns section of the support site...
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  • bought new fugures...kids used them for litteraly 5 min, was told they needed a rest and to try different character. wth? please help

    I bought new figures for my kids and they lasted ask of five minutes before being asked to take them off the platform because they were tired. Wth...is this a gimmick or what am I doing wrong
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  • Giants Figure No Longer Recognized on Portal

    My son went to play Skylanders today and for some reason his Thumpback is no longer working.  We get no message when he is on the portal.  The portal doesn't even recognize that he's there for it keeps askin...
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  • To activison team...

    Hi there! I need to get an email so I can send my children sketch of their own skylanders that they have drawn. I would like to send them to skylanders team so they can have a look. They are very excited. What will b...
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  • Missing webcodes

    I have lost my webcodes of 5 Skylanders, how can i retreive the codes. I don't mean the updatecode, whicht you can find in the games, managing your Skylander. I mean the real codes,which you receive when you buy a Sky...
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  • On the WII U version of Skylanders: Can I use only the classic controller when playing alone? Or must I use the Gamepad.

    The reason I ask is because I bought the WII U for my wife and my kid is not allowed to touch the Gamepad.   I bought a classic controller with Motion Plus and a Nunchuck for my kid and he plays WII games on the...
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  • Can I use a wii portal with the wii-u?

    Can the portal of power from the Wii starter pack be used with a Wii-U?   The reason I ask is that I have bought Game's Dark Edition starter pack which was only available for the Wii.  However,  ideall...
    created by MarrsAttax
  • Figure suddenly not detected by the portal

    Hi. My Skylanders figure suddenly stopped working so I filed a warranty claim. Do I have to mail in the figure before it gets replaced?
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  • skylander no longer works

    My skylanders bouncer figure no longer lights up on the portal or works in the game. My cousin took his portal over to my house and we used it for the double portal trick. Ever since then he no longer works. No matter...
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  • Connecting portal to iPad

    I am trying to connect my portal via Bluetooth to my iPad so my son can play with his skylanders on it as well as on the wii. My iPad is not finding the portal so therefore I cannot pair it. Does anyone have any sugge...
    created by Jordantrouble
  • Lost islands barrel of monkeys quest

    I got the quest, it was timed for approximately 6 days, I completed everything for the quest with the exception of requiring 25 barrels from troll camps, in the first two and a half days I received absolutely no troll...
    created by dollfinn13

    So we bought Molten Hot Dog two weeks ago which is advertised as coming with a brand new special level unlock exclusive only to his character. Put him on the portal, no unlock notification, no ''new level'' to be foun...
    created by Essayena
  • Looking for friends playing lost islands

    PLease add me: lucylightning
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  • Skylanders giants locking up on level 14 autogyro adventure

    Anyone got any ideas please? I can't complete this level because: I cannot change skylanders (It just locks up and shows the skylanders element but won't go back to the game) I cannot press triangle to open anything(t...
    created by HWebb
  • Skylander Portal Lights (On all the time?)

    I just got a Skylander Giants starter pack for my kids to use on our Wii.  It connected to my Wii via USB.  However, when the Wii is off, the portal still glows this broght purple-ish glow that I cannot figu...
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  • Skylanders Spyro advanture VS Giants

    Hi,   We never have the Skylanders Spyro advanture. But we have Skylanders Giants. Can the characters of "Spyro" work on the portal or "Giants"?   And why we can't find no more characters for the Skylande...
    created by Bodan31
  • Giants Wii player 2 health bar

    The health bar for player 2 has disappeared, no matter what character is used.  How can I get it back?
    created by blasterboy82
  • light and none light charecter's

    Anyone in skylander universe know if there is anything special about the light characters and none light charecter's and if they unlock special abilities or do they just simply light up.All so don't you think online p...
    created by BIGBEAU